3 Signs Your Manifestation Is Near (GET EXCITED)!

law of attraction manifestation signs from the universe Feb 15, 2022

Watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/SvCBssnfUpY


When we tap into the natural laws of the universe like the law of attraction, we end up being able to co-create and manifest amazing things. The universe will also communicate with us when these things are near. Also telling us when we are on the right track or perhaps a little off track.


The universe communicates with us 24/7 so this feedback is ongoing and can become quite clear when you are paying attention. In this post, we focus on 3 signs that your manifestation is near or close. 


Now, there are more than these 3 signs that your manifestation is about to happen. Many in fact. But here are 3 that I experience quite a bit shortly before something comes in for me.


3 Signs Your Manifestation Is Near #1 - You feel good all the time! This is something that many people who do not understand universal laws like to dismiss. How can feeling good help me manifest or bring what I want into my life?


In fact, it's one of the best things that you can do. This doesn't mean you just bliss out on a couch somewhere and never take action, this just means that you understand that power of feeling good now and live your life from that place more often than not.


When you are feeling good, you are operating from a place of allowing instead of resistance. Allowing the flow of the universe through instead of stifling it and stopping it.


You see, most of us get in out own way when it comes to manifesting and using the law of attraction. We create resistance that prevents the natural well being we are connected to from flowing into our lives.


Feeling good now is a massive way to remove resistance. And so if you are feeling good (genuinely) most of the time, it typically means that you will manifest fairly easily and effortlessly. Because you aren't making it hard on yourself!


3 Signs Your Manifestation Is Near #2 - You feel powerful momentum. Ever just felt very strongly that something is going to come in before it did? That there is a strong momentum in a certain direction? Remember, where focus goes energy flows. And if you keep flowing energy into the same place, you create a powerful momentum.


If you are doing this and feel this momentum in a positive direction in your life, it makes it very easy for what you want to come into your life. You are using your creative power close to it's full potential


What you focus on, expands. The longer you resonate with a certain energy, the more momentum you create from that energy in your life and the quicker it will manifest physically in your life.


3 Signs Your Manifestation Is Near #3 - You are seeing success, manifestations, etc, everywhere! If you are noticing in your physical reality other peoples manifestations, success, and so on, and you feel an excitedness about it, a lightness, this is a massive sign that your manifestation is close.


The reason being is that we all live a subjective reality that we are creating and what we focus on grows. If you start to see evidence of something even in someone else's life, it means you have been focusing on it and growing that energy. This is almost like encouragement from the universe to keep going. "See! It is possible!"


Remember, from a higher perspective, we are all one! So someone else's success is your success and vice versa. 


Now, if you are feeling resistance for someone else's success, then there are most likely things that you need to heal. It also will make it harder for you to manifest your own success if you believe that there is only so much to go around or complain about other people's success. Seeing success around you is a good sign, but allow it! Get excited about it! And it will naturally flow into your life as well.


From my heart to yours, 




P.S. Watch the whole video here to dive deeper into these 3 signs: https://youtu.be/SvCBssnfUpY