3 Signs Your Manifestation Is RUNNING AWAY!

manifestation signs from the universe Feb 19, 2022

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There are many signs that indicate your manifestation is close, but there are also signs that are worth paying attention too that you are actually repelling your manifestation. We cover 3 of those signs today in this video!


3 Signs Your Manifestation Is No Working #1 - If you are feeling consistent heaviness or resistance, you can almost guarantee that you are blocking or even pushing your manifestation further away.


Resistance typically means you are cutting yourself off from source to some degree and the law of attraction works in our favor when we are allowing, not resisting.


This doesn't mean don't allow your emotions, or deal with your shadows, but if you are feeling heavy consistently, you are living in resistance. My invitation would be to explore that and find out why you feel this heaviness. Then there are many ways you can address is of even shift your focus.


3 Signs Your Manifestation Is No Working #2 - If you lack focus and are often distracted, you are not giving the energy to your manifestation to the point where it will come into your reality.


Remember, where focus goes energy flows and what you focus on grows! if you are focused like a laser on your manifestation, you'll be amazed at how quickly things start to move in your outer world.


But if you are more like a lightbulb that may illuminate more things, but less intensely, you aren't focusing enough to really manifest anything significant. There is power in focus! Remember, the person who tries to catch 2 rabbits ends up catching neither.


What is the 10 out of 10 manifestation for you? The thing that if you were to manifest it through the law of attraction, would change your life? Aim to focus on that primarily. Don't worry too much about the things that are 7 out of 10s, 8s and so on.


3 Signs Your Manifestation Is No Working #3 - One of the main things that holds so many back in their development and by extension in their ability to manifest, is if they are lying to themselves. Remember, to get anywhere, you need to not only know where you want to go, but where you currently are at.


Many people hide from where they are currently at. They don't look at their shadows or the things they most likely need to let go of and transcend if they are to vibrate at the same level of what they want to manifest.


Being able to self-reflect, look in the mirror and be honest, is a massively beneficial skill to have. What I have learned about this process is that you can remove shame and guilt from it with practice. These shadows are neither right or wrong, good or bad, but they could be what's preventing you from leveling up in your manifesting and living more of the life you want to live now.


Many people avoid being honest with themselves because they are afraid of feeling guilt or shame or a similar low level of consciousness when they do it, and that is understandable. But realize that by doing that you are pushing it back down and it will cause problems. Where if you face it, see it for what it is, shine the light on it and transcend it, it will no longer be inside of you. This can lead to massive releases that help raise your vibration massively.


There are of course more signs we could go over, but I believe that if you are experiencing any of these and then actively look to improve in each of these areas, you will go a long way to manifesting in bigger and better ways in your life. 


Check out the full video here: https://youtu.be/vAj6v5uSNas


From my heart to yours,