3 Things Lightworkers MUST Do To Fully AWAKEN

letting go lightworker Mar 08, 2022

Most who are reading this or watching the video I would safely assume are light workers. Typically you wouldn't have been drawn to something like this otherwise.

However, when to comes to most lightworkers, many of them are doing or not doing certain things that are preventing them from fully stepping into their role as a lightworker.

Here are 3 of the main things lightworkers must do to fully awaken in my eyes. Once you do, you shine your light so brightly and bring about so much healing for yourself, those around you, and the planet.

3 Things Lightworkers MUST Do To Fully Awaken #1

Most light workers have been taught (typically not by other lightworkers) that they should put others before themselves. Mainstream conditioned belief would have you think that it is selfish to ever take care of yourself, especially before you take care of others.

This is however a lie and a folly. You cannot give from an empty cup. Although we aren't going to dive into this here, those that create the programming are well aware of how impotent you become when you fail to fill your own cup. This is why they encourage you not to.

You can give so much, an infinite amount in fact from a cup that is overflowing. This is possible for all of us, and actually quite easy when you learn how.

There is nothing more important in my eyes than filling your own cup, recharging and reconnecting for yourself if you feel depleted. The world will try to make you feel obligated to do almost anything other than take care of yourself. However, you will always be giving from a limited or very weakened state if you do not.

Many lightworkers are empaths and develop people pleasing tendencies (I certainly fell for this) as a result. Because we are taught not to put ourselves first. But this is just a lack of awareness to universal laws. This doesn't mean you don't care about people, in fact, it means you care greatly. It means you care enough to actually learn how to help is given and received and commit to doing that rather than the appearance based "help" we are conditioned into.

When you fill your own cup up first, fully shine your light, and give from that place, you will create positive ripples in so many other peoples lives.

3 Things Lightworkers MUST Do To Fully Awaken #2 

This next one is one of the reasons a lot of lightworkers struggle to fill there own cups up, and that is they are holding onto heaviness. Again, because many lightworkers are natural empaths, they pick up energy very easily.

That means if you don't have regular energy clearing practices, shadow work, etc, it can build up and prevent you from truly shining your light and living your purpose.

I know for myself that if I don't do my daily inner work, it can absolutely influence how I feel and go about in my every day life. But because I stick to it and even am at a point where I enjoy it thoroughly, almost every single day is filled with love, joy, peace, gratitude, abundance and so on.

And imagine how much you can give when radiating these energies.

3 Things Lightworkers MUST Do To Fully Awaken #3 

This last one just makes it much easier to be in good, light energy and grow as a lightworker. And that is to involve yourself in communities that are filled with other lightworkers, and high conscious individuals.

Now, use your discernment here! There are tons of "spiritual" groups and communities. But if they are filled with those that are playing the victim, judging others, etc, it is only a high conscious community in appearance, but most likely not in substance.

So use your discernment. Because the universe doesn't care about appearances, your life will be shaped based on the energy you emit and surround yourself with.

But when you get this right, you'll grow faster than you can believe as a lightworker!

From my heart to yours, fellow lightworker!