Your 3rd Eye Isn't Opening? Do This!

3rd eye lightworker Mar 18, 2022

As I've mentioned, we all have a 3rd eye and potential access to it. In fact, in my eyes (including my 3rd...) we could all easily access it if we lived more naturally. We were always meant to be able to access it easily but we have done certain things to cut ourselves off from it.

So, in this video we go over over some practices and things you can do in order to open your 3rd eye and access it more often.

3rd Eye Opening #1: Eating healthier and more intuitively - This is a big one and one I'm sure you've heard before. A lot of the time it is our diet that has calcified our pineal gland and ultimately made it difficult to access our 3rd eye.

Putting dense, low conscious foods into our body is obviously going to affect our ability to connect to the more spiritual part of ourselves. It will still be possible, but why swim upstream!

Eating "healthy" can mean so many different things. There are those that swear by a vegan diet, paleo, keto, etc, etc.

Ultimately, I invite you to get to a place of intuitive eating. Because your intuition will never lead you astray. Many people become dogmatic about diet, so tune that out and listen to what your heart is telling you. You'll find that you'll begin eating foods that your body wants, at the frequency it wants it, and this will go a long way to giving you more access to your 3rd eye.

3rd Eye Opening #2: Breathwork, meditation, or similar inner work - I put breathwork and meditation as the main ones here because I believe they are two of the best when it comes to accessing the inner world and your 3rd eye.

Breathwork is my go to and its rare these days that I don't have a very spiritual experience, opening my 3rd eye, as I do it.

Find what works for you, but there is a reason why so many teachers invite their students to take on a meditation or breathwork practice. Because it typically works. And it becomes a great way to easily access what you really are.

3rd Eye Opening #3: Follow your intuition and excitement - I mentioned this with eating, but your intuition will never lead you astray. This includes things outside of diet as well. If you have a desire to open your 3rd eye and connect more with the inner realm, your intuition will start to give you directions on how to do that.

One of the common ways it does this is through the energy of excitement. Excitement is not happenchance. It is a very intentional and natural emotion that presents itself for a reason. Because your heart and soul are elated by something. Curious about something. And want that experience.

Children feel this emotion naturally all the time and go towards it. This is because it is natural, we just become conditioned to ignore it as we go along life.

Follow your excitement and you'll find opening your 3rd eye becomes fairly easy.

3rd Eye Opening #4: Shadow work and letting go - This is a big one because for so many the reason they struggle to access the inner world easily is because they are holding onto something dense.

This typically presents itself as heavy energy in the body. This is why you can literally feel heavy or weighed down when you are holding onto something.

And why you can feel lighter and free, almost like a bubbly feeling when you let go.

Letting go through shadow work or other means can be one of the best things you do in order to naturally allow well being to flow into your life. If you haven't already, get into my course The Miracle of Meditation where I give you the best letting go technique I know (course is currently free here:

3rd Eye Opening #5: Setting an intention - Lastly, don't overlook your awesome power as a co-creative being! If you simply set the intention to open your 3rd eye and ask the universe to help you in this endeavor, it will!

You'll find that this is when your intuition, excitement, etc will start leading you to ways to open it.

From my heart to yours,