How I Manifested My Dream Life In Less Than A Year

law of attraction manifestation Feb 11, 2022

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We all want to live what we consider our dream life, but so few know the universal laws that help you get there. The law of attraction, the law of resonance, the law of balance and so much more are active in your life 24/7 and are working whether you are aware of it or not!

But if you become aware of these governing laws, you can start to tap into them in the ways you were always intended to.

Then, once you do that, it is inevitable that your dream life will come to you at some point. It is literally only a matter of time. Which is to simply say that matter (that you want) will be drawn to your physical life in time.

Understand these laws. Learn them. And most importantly, commit to them! If you do, the natural magic that you are will combine with the abundant magic of life to bring you your dream life in each of it's iterations.

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How I manifested my dream life in less than a year point #1

You have to commit to your vision. First and foremost, if you don't have a vision, you will get very chaotic to no results in the direction of what you want to manifest. In order to tap into the law of attraction in a way that brings about what you want, you must have in mind what you want! What excites you? Create a vision around this.

How I manifested my dream life in less than a year point #2

I focused on what I wanted, not on what I didn't want. Where focus goes, energy flows. The law of attraction doesn't judge when it comes to manifestation. It'll just reflect back to you what you give it. But if you focus on what you do not want, it will reflect back to you more of what you do not want.

However, if you hold your attention on what it is that you do want, on what it is that excites you, the universe, through the law of attraction and other laws of the universe, will move heaven and earth to bring you what you need to manifest your excitement.

How I manifested my dream life in less than a year point #3

This next one is one of the most important and one that so many people in my observation mess up, and that is to be genuinely grateful for wherever you are now.

You focus on what you don't want when you curse your current situation... which just attracts more of your current situation to you.

Remember, the universe doesn't care what it is that you are sending out, you will receive that back either way. If you send out an energy of gratitude and appreciation, the universe through the law of attraction will return that energy in kind.

So, for example, if you send out an appreciation for the money that you currently do have, the universe will send that abundance energy back to you in the form of opportunities, people, ideas, and so on.

When I started finding things to be grateful for in my circumstances at the time, while maintaining my excited eagerness for what was next, magic started unfolding in my life.

How I manifested my dream life in less than a year point #4

I gave my attention to my heart. It is your heart that the universe speaks to you through. This is where your emotional guidance system will lead you to what you should do next.

When we try and manifest from our head, we don't get far. Manifestations like this come from the unknown, not our head. They come through feeling. If you feel good about something from your heart, my invitation is to move towards it and see where it takes you.

How I manifested my dream life in less than a year point #5

Finally, follow that flow of your intuition. You will start getting energetic hits and signs that feel good. Follow these feelings and it will lead you closer and closer to your manifestation and visualization of your dream life.

To learn more about how I did this, watch the full video here: How I Manifested My Dream Life