How To Use Numerology and Angel Numbers To Manifest

angel numbers manifestation numerology Feb 18, 2022

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The universe, our angels, source, or whatever label tickles your spiritual fancy, is communicating with you 24/7!


It isn't about whether this is the case or not, it is, it's more about are we listening to these messages and taking them on board or not?


The thing is, this messaging rarely comes through the same way you and I would speak to each other. Now, it can! For example, messages from the universe coming through me and other teachers and well... really anyone who tunes in and is connected!


However, when it comes to direct communication from source to you, it typically isn't verbal. Other forms of communication are used. And one is through numerology also known as angel numbers.


You can use numerology as a tool to help you manifest the life that you want. The reason you can do this is that the beings/source that are bringing these numbers into your reality want for you what you want for you.


They want you to experience all life has to offer. They, through their messaging, will help guide you there. Many beings that have raised their consciousness to a certain level come back in order to help us to raise our own consciousness.


This might seem bizarre or even a bit crazy at first, that is until you experience it and if you are already experiencing angel numbers in your life, you'll know what I mean.


Once you learn the meanings of these angel numbers, once you study numerology even a little bit, and you find the meanings to these numbers that resonate with you, you'll be blown away with how accurate and helpful they are.


Again, because they are not random. They are communications. A very powerful form of communication.


When it comes to using angel numbers to manifest, one thing that I've found essential is to not get in your head about it, and instead allow your heart to guide you. Essentially, only take on board what resonates with you. Our emotional guidance system is a divine tool that we have in order to know if something is aligned to what we are and that we can use to navigate our experience here in this 3d, physical world. It will help lead us to the experiences that will bring us joy, peace, love and so on, and away from the experiences that would have us live in lower levels of consciousness.


So, when you hear or read an explanation about a certain number you have been seeing, see how you FEEL about it. Sometimes, it'll be obvious. Where you resonate so strongly with it you'll have tears in your eyes. This isn't a coincidence. This is a very powerful response to something that is true for you and aligns.


If however you don't get an emotional response, or even more of a heavy response, it may not be the explanation of the number that you are being led to.


So, use your discernment, but understand the power that these messages hold when you resonate with them.


Then it simply comes down to taking action on what you are being communicated. This can be a wide range of things, but if you take action on it, good things will begin to occur. A high vibrational being is aiming to guide you to higher levels of consciousness in your life. To joy, peace, happiness, abundance and so on.


If you learn about the numbers you are seeing and look to feel out for which explanations resonate to you, then take action based on those communications, you will manifest faster than you might be able to believe in this moment.


Magic can happen. Because you are magic. And now you are connecting to being who understand that and are guiding you in that direction. To experience the magic of life and that which you are.


From my heart to yours,



P.S. Watch the full video I just released on this topic here: