The One Thing That Guarantees Fast Spiritual Growth

Jan 05, 2022

Whether it is the spiritual world, self-development, or any other industry where learning is involved...

It's very easy to become overwhelmed.

I've certainly been through it...

Thinking I need to read the latest book, always be listening to podcasts, jotting down every "golden nugget" of wisdom from every wise teacher I come across.

But what if there was a way to quickly cut through all the fat and get to what is actually going to resonate, align and help you right now in this moment?

Well, there is! And it's actually fairly simple. 

Now, this isn't to say that the "golden nuggets" from books, teachers and so on aren't useful.

They are.

But the bigger question is...

Are they useful to you right now? Will it actually serve you where you currently are in your life?

And, honestly, I would say that 95% of it or more will not!

It may have in the past for you, or maybe it will in some other moment in the future...

But in this moment, right here right now, the only moment we ever have by the way.

There will always be something that actually resonates with what you are.

and other things that do not. Even if in general it is good information.

You see, we are constantly bombarded with information in this day and age. So many different teachers pulling us in different directions from all angles. And that's not even throwing in the constant stimulus of things like tv programming, social media, the news, and so much more. 

How do we first off determine what is helpful and what isn't (in general), and even deeper than that...

What aligns to us right now!

This is where the one tool comes in. It is simple, elegant, and will never lead you astray.

And that is having spiritual discernment.

So many are looking to a teacher, guru, book, authority, etc, to tell them what to do, what to eat, how to live...

Do this routine, read this book, get up at this time, etc, etc...

But does that resonate with your heart?

Is that something that truly aligns with you?

Or is it something you think you have to do? Something that your head or something/someone outside of you has convinced you is the way to go.

Even though your heart has been gently nudging you in a different direction. Or something feels off about whatever it is you are doing. 

This is where spiritual discernment comes in. It will cause you to go directly for what it is you truly want.

Not what others want for you, not what you've been conditioned into believing you should want...

But what your heart and soul truly resonates with.

Now, developing this takes time. It's a practice like anything else.

If you have been ignoring your heart for a while, it's a little harder to hear.

But the more you stop, pause, and ask yourself: "What does my heart want in this situation?" or "Is this in alignment?"

The more you will create the space for your heart to communicate more clearly with you.

Typically, it will communicate in feeling.

Something feeling light, exciting, and expansive..


It feeling heavy, energy draining, and constrictive.

The more you move towards the lightness, the more your heart will sing.

And also the more your heart and the universe will lead you to EXACTLY what you need in this moment, each moment.

Life begins to become a continuous flow.

You cut out the fat you thought you needed, but was actually weighing you down.

And start focusing on what actually aligns with you.

I believe this is the most valuable tool you can develop.

It'll not only prevent you from hooking into info, teachers, and so on that won't help you right now...

But it also synchronistically will draw you to what will serve you in your highest in this moment.

From my heart to yours,


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