The Law Of Subtraction - The Secret You Weren't Told

law of attraction law of subtraction letting go Feb 15, 2022

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The law of subtraction is what's going to supercharge the law of attraction for you! Now, when many begin to try and apply the law of attraction, they aim to do things differently than they've been doing. Essentially, they start to add more to their lives.


This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but let's say you have a house that is filled with stuff. And this stuff you know is influencing your peace of mind and your energy. It's like leaving the stuff there and getting different stuff thinking that will change how you feel. But at the end of the day, you still have the old things that made you feel that way in the first place.  You also have very little room to put the things you put back even if they could help!


This is where the law of subtraction comes in. Instead of trying to add more to our lives, we subtract. This seems so simple, but can be quite magical and can lead to amazing changes when used consciously alongside deliberate creation through the law of attraction.


You see, like attracts like. We know that much, right? But if you are holding onto things that vibrate at a different frequency than that you say you like, how can what you want come in.


To take it even deeper, we don't actually attract what we want. If that was the case, everyone would have what they wanted. We attract what we ARE.


This means if we are holding onto belief systems, people, environments, identities, etc, that do not resonate with what it is we say we want, we'll never get it. Because we are not at that frequency. We are sending out a much different frequency.


But if we begin to remove certain things from our life and remove the energy of those things, this creates space. And space is filled with infinite potential. We can then have the room for what we want to come in so long as we resonate with it.


Removing certain energy from your life, or things that keep you in a certain energy, makes it much easier to vibrate at higher levels. For example, have you noticed how hard it is to stay in a feel good place if you have a friend that complains all the time or is in lower levels of consciousness most of the time?


It's damn near impossible!


This can be implied to more than just friends. But the simplest way to raise your vibration so that you are resonating with what you want in that case would be to potentially let that friend go, or at least spend less energy and time around them.


When you take stock of what's in your life, identify the energetic anchors (that which feels heavy), and start to subtract that from your life (remove it), you'll notice that you naturally rise in vibration. This is because at our core we are source energy. We just have to remove what we are not to more cleanly access it.


And when you are more cleanly vibrating at this level of energy, you are resonating with it, you are it, and you will attract the equivalent of it so long as you stay in it.


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