What I Learned From My Near Death Experience

near death experience signs from the universe Feb 26, 2022

A few years ago now I had a near death experience that truly changed my life. It gave me a newfound perspective on life, on what's important, and also on death.

So this video is all about what I learned in the moment of my NDE, and also what I have learned since then because of it.

What I Learned From My Near Death Experience #1

The first thing that I learned because it was given to me by the being that came to me is that there is nothing to fear.

The being that came to me basically told me that death is not a thing and that whether I made the choice to stay or go, I would be absolutely fine.

It's a lesson I have taken forward to follow my heart and not let fear stop me from living in the way I wish to live. This has served me so beautiful since this experience and has led to so many amazing experiences. I was someone who lived in fear for most of his life before this point. Since my NDE, I haven't let fear shackle my life.

What I Learned From My Near Death Experience #2

The next thing I learned is that I am a spiritual being in a human body. This plays off of the first thing, but was so powerful to experience.

This is something I had heard before, but hadn't experienced in this way. Experiencing it was incredible and really showed me that this temporary physical form isn't all that is. In fact, it comes out of all that is!

I am spiritual first and foremost. I am source energy, a soul. Yes, I am in this physical, 3D body, but that isn't all I am.

It's not even the main thing I am.

This has had massive implications in my life. It has allowed me to honor the inner, energetic realm more than the physical which has ironically led to amazing things in the physical world as well.

What I Learned From My Near Death Experience #3

I learned from this and especially since then that I am always being guided.

During my near death experience, a being came to me and guided me. But this is going on 24/7 or is at least available to us always. It just comes down to whether we are tuning in and listening.

I have since learned how to detect the sometimes very subtle vibrations that are sent from the universe through these beings or other sources. It takes practice, but once you get good at it you can easily tell when you are being guided.

Of course, this experience was a much more clear and obvious communication, but since then it has become a lot easier to pick up on these signs and communications the more I have set my intention on them.

What I Learned From My Near Death Experience #4

The last one I mention in this video was I learned to prioritize my heart and love in my life.

Before this experience, I was probably prioritizing my head and more dense energies than love more often. Sure, I visited my heart sometimes, but I wasn't living from it.

I tune into this lesson often and can now happily say that I live from my heart and from love.

All I can say is it is a beautiful place to live from.

From my heart to yours,